Protecting your personal data is a task we take very seriously in Altera Cave Villas. For this reason, we developed this Privacy Policy to keep you informed about the nature, the types and the purposes of collecting, using and processing your personal data. Moreover, we would like to let you know of your rights regarding the handling of your personal data by us.

As a data processor, Altera Cave Villas applies various technical and organizational measures to achieve the highest possible degree of safeguarding your personal data. Nevertheless, no “guaranteed” security exists both inside and outside of Internet.

This Privacy Policy is part of a bigger project we are currently implemented to comply with the national, European and International regulatory framework about personal protection and privacy and especially with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


Altera Cave Villas
Finikidia - Ag. Pavlos, 74053 Rethymno - Crete – Greece
Phone: +30 6973328972
e-mail: info@alteracavevillas.gr



Both when you are getting information about our hotel and while you are staying at it, you are revealing some information about you to us, as explained in the previous paragraph. We will never ask for more information than needed to satisfy your demands and to effectively communicate with you. In general, we collect information to:


We always ask for your consent when we are planning to use your personal data for purposes beyond these directly related to our service. Such purposes include direct marketing (e.g. newsletters, promotional emails). We also ask for your consent when asking for “sensitive” personal data such as your health status or your ethnic origin.

Please, keep in mind that you can always take your consent back by contacting us both by phone: +30 6973328972 and by email: info@alteracavevillas.gr.

Specifically, for the promotional messages and the newsletters you can always click the unsubscribe link that is always found at the bottom part of such messages.

If you are giving us another person’s personal data, you are responsible to inform this person about the use of his/her data and to ensure his/ her clear consent that the data are given for the above purposes. In any case, this Privacy Policy applies to every data acquired by third persons.


We will never disclose your data to third parties, except if:

When we disclose your data to third parties as mentioned above, we make sure to provide as little information as possible to achieve the specified purpose.

If there is no legal procedure forbidding it, third parties are bound to protect your personal data in accordance with our policy and to comply with applicable laws and regulations on privacy.


We will retain your Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.
The criteria used to determine our retention periods include:

After the end of retention period, your personal data are destroyed or deleted.


You must know that according to General Data Protection Regulation, you have a number of rights regarding your personal data under our possession. Specifically, you can ask to:

To ask us to do anything of the above, you can contact us by phone +30 6973328972 and by email: info@alteracavevillas.gr. We will promptly examine your request against the relevant requirements of the laws and regulations governing personal data protection and we will answer the latest within 30 days after receiving your request. If, for reasons of complexity of the request or a multitude of requests, we are unable to respond promptly, we will notify you within thirty days of any delay, which in no case may exceed two months from the expiration of the 30-day deadline. It is possible to ask from you some kind of identification (e.g. photocopy of your identity card or passport) to avoid non-authorized reveal of your personal data.

To ensure that your personal data are always accurate and updated, we recommend you to keep us informed about your data, as needed (e.g. in case of a change in a street or email address).

If you feel that your rights regarding your personal data are being compromised, you always have the right to submit a complaint to the relevant Data Protection Authority: http://www.dpa.gr, Kifissias 1-3, T.K. 115 23, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, email: contact@dpa.gr. In this case, we would especially appreciate your prior communication with our Group’s Data Protection Officer by sending an email to: info@alteracavevillas.gr, always giving your full details and your reason for contacting us. We assure you that we appreciate your trust and we take prompt care to respond to any requests, questions or complaints.


We recognize the importance of information security and we are in a constant process of reviewing and improving the technical and organizational measures we take. For both our website and our server and other information infrastructure, we have defined and implemented appropriate security measures to protect your data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction. While there is no “guaranteed security” either inside or outside the Internet, we protect your information using appropriate administrative, procedural and technical safeguards, including controlled access, firewall and encryption.


When you visit our site, we receive information about you using some small alphanumeric character files called cookies that are stored on your computer. Cookies assign your computer with a unique ID, which in turn becomes your own identity each time you return to our site.

Cookies have been developed to save you time because they help us provide you with a customized experience without having to remind us of your preferences each time you return to our site. Cookies do not damage your electronic equipment, nor can they read information from other files on your computer’s hard drive.

Our cookies follow you only while you are on our website and do not collect information about you after you leave it and go to another website. We are not the only ones to place cookies on your computer and we are not responsible for the presence of third party cookies and the way they are used.

The application (browser) you use to visit sites can be configured to handle cookies according to your preferences:

You should consult with your browser manufacturer or vendor to get accurate information about its cookie security settings. Please be advised that if you disallow all cookies, you may not be able to fully use our site.

To use cookies, your prior consent is necessary. An exception to this rule is cookies that serve the functional needs of the website (functional cookies) and are necessary for the appearance and effective operation of the site.


Although our site may contain links to third-party sites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these sites and we expressly disclaim any liability for any loss or damage that may be caused by the use of these links. We do not monitor the privacy practices or the content of these sites. If you have any questions about the privacy practices of another site, you should contact the site’s responsible privacy officer.


Our practice is not to acquire and / or knowingly maintain information about people under the age of sixteen (16) except those that are given to us by their escorts (parents, guardians) and are absolutely necessary for the provision of our services (e.g. placement of a baby bed in a room).


We want you to contact us for issues related to your privacy and privacy, such as for example:

You can contact us about the above and other related topics in any of the following ways:

Altera Cave Villas
Finikidia - Ag. Pavlos, 74053 Rethymno - Crete – Greece
Phone: +30 6973328972
e-mail: info@alteracavevillas.gr


It is possible to revise this Privacy Policy periodically in order to adapt to the changing legal, regulatory, business and technology environment. In our site you can find the current Privacy Policy with date of entry into force to know when the most recent review was made.

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